Out now: KINGS/Ring of Fire!

December 19, 2012

The Apprope version of KINGS/Ring of Fire is here!

Kings“, “Ring of Fire“, “Circle of Death” or “King’s Cup“… A beloved child is called many things! But whatever you call it – from now on you can skip your old deck and use the new free Apprope app version!

The app is free to download and gives you access to the Classic set of rules. But there’s more! If you’re looking for something extra you can get new decks. What about:
DIRTY: the sensual and daring version…
WASTED: if you really want to speed up the party…
THE SOCIAL GAME: a game that invites EVERYONE! (Not for the shy!)
TRIVIA: the quiz version for all the know-it-alls!
– … and there is even a pleasant and alcohol-free MORMON version! Okeeleedokeelee!

Get KINGS for free from the App Store!

IMPORTANT: the app is rated +17!

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