Review of the Reviews

July 4, 2012

In total we have received more than 600 reviews of Truth or Dare (average rating is above 4 or more!).

Some of the reviews are more interesting than others. Here is a quick Review of the Reviews:

Ofuådåuxåjh 5/5
Jätteroligt att spela med kompisar eller med sej själv när man har tråkigt :p
Rough translation:
“Very funny game to play with your friends or alone when you are bored.”

We didn’t expect solo gaming but we are very curious exactly how you play the Dare-part?

Debby loves jessi 5/5
” – I Love das Spiel es ist voll cool macht Fun ich glaube ich werde es jeden day spielen “
Rough translation:
 “I love the game, I will play it every day.”

We are happy you enjoy the game, but we don’t think it’s healthy to play it daily.

Zotur – 1/5
Hen? Jag kan verkligen inte ha en app innehållandes ordet ‘Hen’ på min telefon. Kulturmarxismen får gärna skickas tillbaka till ’68.”
Rough translation:
“S/he? I really can’t have an app that uses the word “S/he”. The cultural marxists can return to ’68.”

Damn it Zotyr! You had to reveal our connection to the cultural marxists?! We are all part of this communistic, feministic, homosexual, jewish-islamic conspiration trying to make your life A F*CKING HELL.


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