SLENDR is here…

October 26, 2012

Yesterday we released our horror survival game SLENDR (inspired by the Slender Man Myth).

The launch has exceeded all our expectations. Right now, only 24 h after it first appeared in AppStore it’s already no.9 on the US Adventure Game Top List!

We believe Slendr is a unique horror game in two ways:

1) The “virtual reality gameplay”: You don’t tap the screen, you hold your phone and MOVE IRL in order to escape this deadly ghost. In other words – the ghost can be standing behind your back at any moment!

2) The Design: we love horror movies. Especially we love found footage horror movies. We decided to add this dimension to the game. When you play SLENDR you see everything through a night vision camera. We think this approach add a lot to the horror experience.

Try it for free now! Click here to download it from AppStore!

Or do you want to see our trailer? Visit our SLENDR website!


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